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2020 Intentions

As we enter a whole new decade, all of us at Riad thought it would be great to kick off 2020 with a list of intentions. These aren’t your typical, simple resolutions, but just some guidelines to help us succeed even more in the upcoming year. Like Our Why mentions, we aim to develop special experiences, unforgettable partnerships, and everlasting memories in 2020, all while sticking to our intentions.

Be Present

In the age of technology and social media, we’ve found that it’s especially easy to get sucked into that world. We won’t lie to you when we say that yes, we’ve spent an hour or more on the explore page of Instagram. It happens. But, we have to remember that it’s important to be aware of the people and the places around us. When you’re at a dinner with friends, try putting your phone face down for the meal. On your hike, take in the scenery, listen to music, or catch up with your friends. While you’re having a beach day on Zuma Beach, keep it in your bag while you catch some rays. When you stay in for wine night on a Saturday, try to just sink into the couch and have a good heart-to-heart. Take every moment in and treasure it, social media will still be there when you return.

Plan More Events

Just because it isn’t the holiday season anymore doesn’t mean you can’t find a reason to celebrate something. There’s always something to be excited about or celebrate. Crushed a hard, new workout with friends? Coordinate a celebratory, home-made brunch afterward. Your friend finished a huge project at work? Plan a fun dinner party with a massive charcuterie board. Taco Tuesday? Invite a bunch of friends over and have a dance party with your tacos. The world is your oyster and life is much more fun when you have an event to look forward to.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

How many times have you been invited to something and have said to yourself, “I wonder who’s going to be there?” “What if I’m the only one dressed like this?” “What if no one else shows up?” We’ve all done it. How many times have you planned something and then backed out because you thought it wouldn’t be as successful as you had hoped or you thought that people would judge you? We’ve all done that too. Try to push yourself past these doubts. Chances are, there will always be another person in the room who was thinking the same thing. Network with new people from cool companies. Introduce yourself to someone you’ve never spoken to. Throw the event you’ve always wanted. There is nothing to be afraid of because at the end of the day, knowing you made an effort is the best reward of all.

Own Every Situation

Here at Riad, we are constantly meeting new people, trying new things, and creating more experiences. Yes, there are definitely times where we get stressed or we feel insecure or unprepared but what has helped us time after time is the intention to own everything that we do. No matter what, if we have confidence in our abilities, our efforts, and our dedication to our clients, the outcome will be something to be proud of. We want to encourage this even more in 2020 and keep the momentum going.

Positive Energy

Easier said than done. We get anxious about the to-do list piling up before a major event. Something breaks and we are automatically sent into a tailspin of how to get it fixed immediately. Someone is late to a meeting and the schedule for the rest of the day is thrown off. These things happen. It’s part of our everyday routine to get thrown off and have to adapt to anything that is thrown our way. Having a positive attitude and emanating positive energy sometimes can become the biggest battle so that’s why we made it our intention for 2020. Every rose has its thorn and the more roses we see, the more successful our work will be.

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