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Autumnal Center Pieces

With the excitement of the holidays also brings the stress of the holidays. Hosting any holiday requires extensive preparation for the venue, the food, the decor, and the entire guest experience. Here at Riad, we aim to eliminate this stress. In order to help you feel prepared, confident, and excited about your holiday event, we put together some ideas to make your dining room tables shine.


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The quintessential symbol of fall. With an array of red, orange, and yellow hues, leaves can tie in almost any table setting. Line the bottom of clear vases for an extra pop of color. Layer the top of the tablecloth to create a natural setting. Add in some twine and twigs to create an outdoor fall wonderland right at the center of your table.


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Whether you’re deciding to go the miniature, cute pumpkin route or the plump, eye-catching route, pumpkins automatically make any setting more playful and fun. You can even mix it up to add dimension and height. Stay with basic white pumpkins to neutralize the plethora of dinner colors or add in even more flavor with the classic bright orange. Every guest will feel as though they were transported right into a pumpkin patch.

Dahlias, Rose Hips, Ranunculus

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If you’re unsure what classifies as an “autumnal flower” look no further. The contrast of deep maroon with bright orange and muted yellow automatically makes any table more beautiful. For those of you with a luscious backyard, definitely pick these flowers on your own (this accounts for a justifiable brag-moment).


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Normally, when we think of fall items, flannels are one of the first things that come to mind. Whether it’s sitting by the fire in the family room wrapped around a warm blanket, apple-picking in your favorite old flannel, or preparing your grand entrance with a killer plaid jacket, plaid will never go out of style. To add an element of comfort, closeness, and warmth, this is the star addition to any table.


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Yes, the typical centerpiece we all think of while setting the table. But, there is a lot you can do with candles to elevate your table. Try experimenting with candles of different heights to create levels and dimensions. Even play with the sizing of the candles, mix in some smaller, more round candles with skinny, tall candlesticks. There are plenty of color choices to choose from as well so you can always stick to the classic maroon, yellow, and orange fall scheme. This will make the table ten times more elegant than you could even imagine.

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