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Becker & The Co Henna Party







Riad’s first time working with @beckerandtheco was a success! We joined forces to celebrate a beautiful Henna Party. The Bride and Groom stepped into our space with an unforgettable grand entrance decked out in the most elegant attire. In addition to their attire, our space was transformed by @mayaaltit with a sparkling color palette of orange and gold that made it seem as if we were stepping into a fairytale. Guests were found either dancing the night away by the DJ booth or sitting on the couches enjoying traditional Moroccan food. There were lamb, chicken, fish and vegetable stations set up with fresh ingredients on display for guests to see. After dinner, traditional Moroccan desserts were set up and guests could watch @cotturala chefs create their sweet masterpieces. We were absolutely thrilled to be able to experience the Henna Ceremony with the amazing Bride & Groom and gather together to commemorate their extraordinary love.

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