Blog Riad’s Favorite Appetizers for New Year’s

Riad’s Favorite Appetizers for New Year’s

The Holiday that does appetizers the best. In between your sips of champagne, it’s crucial to have an array of appetizers at your fingertips. Let’s be honest, small plates are starting to run the food world and we are totally into it. Whether you’re taking a trip to Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store, Riad knows what will leave your guests feeling happy and full leading into 2020.

Cheese Fondue with Beer and Bourbon

Image courtesy of Foxes Love Lemons

Fondue truly is the quintessential New Year’s treat. Our most trusted recipe from bon appétit truly melts in your mouth. The perfect amount of creaminess with the kick of beer and bourbon pairs exceptionally with any vegetable, warm baguette, or meat. They say the key to happiness is cheese and this recipe is proven to make your guests even happier to close out 2019.

Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Image courtesy of The Cookie Rookie

This appetizer is becoming increasingly popular and trendy. Dates are on the rise, especially at the appetizer table. The prep for these is very quick and you can do it hours in advance to your event as they will still stay fresh. We recommend stuffing the dates with either goat or blue cheese prior to wrapping them in dates to add an extra element of flavor. Check out this allrecipes recipe we love for full instructions.


Image courtesy of Jo Cooks

We could eat about 50 of these and still want more. Seriously. This greek delight, made from spinach, feta, and phyllo dough is perfect for any occasion, not just NYE. The slight crunch from the phyllo dough ties perfectly together with the warm, gooey melted feta. They’re addictive and we are warning you now, you might need 3 trays of these for your guests. Many grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods sell these pre-made or you can be ambitious and make it from scratch.

Mini Chicken Tacos

Image courtesy of The Daily Meal

Spicing up your NYE a bit with one of Trader Joe’s most beloved frozen foods. Kid you not, when they sample these at any store most people go back for seconds (or thirds). They are the perfect bite-size snack that can be paired with your homemade guacamole, salsa, or queso dip. You’ll be buying these for yourself long after NYE, we guarantee it.

Honey Garlic Meatballs

Image courtesy of Averie Cooks

Obviously we had to include some protein for your appetizer spread. Every guest will go nuts over how melt-in-your-mouth these are. Yes, everyone loves a good meatball, but what makes these so special is the juicy and sweet sauce made up of honey, soy sauce, and ketchup (talk about a triple threat). We owe it to Averie Cooks for changing our lives with this recipe.

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